The Student Dress Code Policy helps to focus attention on learning by avoiding competition in dress. For further information and to order school uniforms through Schoolbelles, please visit the Schoolbelles Shop.

Boys – Grades K-4

  • navy blue or black twill pants
  • solid light blue or white polo with collar
  • Light blue or white collared dress shirt

Boys – Grades 5-8

  • navy blue or black twill pants
  • solid light blue or white dress shirt
  • solid black or navy blue tie provided by the school at a small fee

Girls – Grades K-4

  • plaid Schoolbelles jumper with white, light blue, or yellow blouse or polo
  • navy blue or black twill pants with white, light blue, or yellow polo

Girls – Grades 5-8

  • plaid Schoolbelles skirt
  • navy blue or black twill pants
  • white, light blue, or yellow polo

Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Pants must be worn at the waist.  All clothing must be the proper size.  No skin-tight or “skinny” leg type pants or shirts may be worn at any time.  Uniform shorts are not part of the St. Francis School uniform.


Students in all grades may wear solid color sweaters in white, black, dark green, gray or navy blue when the weather is cold.


Solid white, black, dark green, gray, navy blue or yellow tights, knee socks, or crew socks may be worn.  No footie socks are permitted.  Socks must be visible above shoe tops.


  • Monday/Tuesday/Friday: Black or brown loafers (dress shoes)
  • Wednesday/Thursday: Any tennis shoe with a rubber sole that is appropriate and safe for gym class.  Shoes must be tied tight so to give ankle support.


Both boys and girls must wear solid color black, dark brown or navy blue belts with pants.  Belts may not have decorations or decorative belt buckles.


Girls may wear one pair of post earrings.  They may not extend beyond the earlobe.  No dangling or hoop earrings may be worn.  A simple watch may be worn to school.

Boys may not wear earrings of any kind.  A simple watch may be worn.  Girls and boys may not wear any other visible jewelry of any kind to school.  This includes necklaces, rings, wrist bands and bracelets.  A cross necklace may be worn.


Make-up including lip shine or lip gloss and fingernail polish other than clear polish may not be worn.  False nails are not permitted.


No visible tattoos, permanent or temporary, are permitted.


Hairstyles for both boys and girls should be neat and professional.  There may be no fad or non-conventional hairstyles.  This includes fads like line designs or symbols cut into the hair and Mohawks.  All hair must be the student’s natural color.  Boys’ hair shall be no longer than collar length.  Head wraps may not be worn by boys or girls.

All hair accessories for girls must be the school colors of white, blue, or yellow and must not be noisy or a distraction.  

Non-Uniform Days

Occasionally, we have non-uniform days for the students.  Clothing selected for these days must always be neat, clean and in keeping with the code of modesty and respect that we support as a Catholic school.  Clothing should never be tight, revealing or suggestive.  Torn and shredded jeans may not be worn to school.  “Skinny” jeans may not be worn to school on dress down days.

Additional Dress Code Policies

If a child is not dressed according to the dress code in K-4, the student will miss the morning recess.  If the student is in 5-8, he/she will be given a 30-minute detention.  The final decision as to whether or not a child is in violation of the dress code lies with St. Francis School.  Parents are asked to be responsible to see that students come to school in the complete, correct uniform.

St. Francis School is not responsible for lost or stolen uniforms.

What Are People Saying?

  • My name is Rhonda Fellows and I graduated from St. Francis in 1994. After St. Francis, I attended Beaumont high school and then Wittenberg University where I was a Religion major and an Urban Studies minor. One of the major things I learned at St. Francis was a love for people. I developed very meaningful relationships with the students and staff. These relationships and love for people grew in to a desire to serve others which led to me to tutor teens in college. I went on to work in a Christian non-profit and have been serving in non-profit organizations for the past 13 years. I currently live in Minneapolis, MN where I am a recruiter for YouthWorks, a summer teen and family missions organization.

    Rhonda Fellows - St. Francis Class of 1994

  • Hello my name is Detective T.J. Powell, I'm currently assigned to the Cleveland Police Gang Impact Unit. I'm a 1998 graduate of St. Francis school. During my years at St. Francis I was taught discipline, morals and values, along with the value of education and hard work. I used what I learned at St. Francis to successfully attend the well-known, all-boys college preparatory high school, Benedictine high school, in which I graduated in 2002 .While at St. Francis I was an honor student and worked hard to help maintain the good reputation that this school still has today. Now at the age of 31 yrs. old, I'm married and have two children that also attend this fabulous establishment.

    T.J. Powell - St. Francis Class of 1998

  • St. Francis was the center of our family's faith and formative life for many years. There is no question that the foundation provided by St. Francis School and the wonderful Sisters of Notre Dame continues to play a role in my own life and career, which has now spanned more than 40 years as a journalist and as an active participant in the life of our community. Every moment at St. Francis School is looked back on with fondness and deep appreciation.

    Dick Russ - Vice President, North Coast Community Homes; Former News Anchor & Reporter, WJW TV (Fox 8), WKYC TV (Channel 3), WAKR TV (TV 23 Akron); Co-Founder, Cleveland Catholic Radio AM 1260 The Rock; Co-Founder, Eastern Christian Media an EWTN TV Production Partner.